Monday, April 4, 2011

Advance 5025 Superb Pointy Bodice Dress / ca. 1948

Advance 5025 Superb Pointy Bodice Dress / ca. 1948 very "hoity toity" - the button bodice version yum yum.  I appreciate the uniqueness of a regular button front and button bodice dress.

Got started late today and darn if the internet kept blinking out every minute or so for about 2 hours.   I had to laugh - using a hammer on the computer didn't seem appropriate.
Featured "New" is Simplicity 8614 Foxy Halter Dress, Jumpsuit & Romper 1988 with a superb cross-over halter bodice.  A very rare and unique pattern.

A friend (oh yeah that was you Nancy!) sent me a YouTube video that made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes.  If you like YouTube here's the link:  Atlanta Weather Girl Report

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jersey wrap dress said...

Brings back memories. I used at least two or three of these old patterns for fancy dresses for dances for my sisters in the 1970's and 80's.

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

It's hard for me to keep halter patterns in stock - they usually "fly off the shelves." You were a good sister to make them for your sisters. Mine only hit me over the head with a hairbrush when I got too bratty LOL - remember Roberta???