Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kwik Sew 173 Ladies' One Piece Halter Swimsuit 1970's

Short but sweet listings the last two days!  Looking forward to getting my patterns organized and bookkeeping straightened out starting tomorrow thru next Wednesday.  No blogs or listings but orders will still be processed.  Starting my sale tonite at midnight so for you readers a 20% off sale until I am back!  When midnight hits get yourself a cup or two of coffee and starting shopping.  Use coupon code TIME4ME at checkout.

Certainly had older and more "vintage" but decided that the featured vintage pattern today is:  Kwik Sew 173 Ladies' One Piece Halter Swimsuit 1970's.  After all it's still spring and summer is rushing toward us (or we wish).

With gas prices skyrocketing I have taken to doing my mail first and listings second so that I can give them to the mailman instead of driving them to the post office.  Saves alot on gas.    So from now on listings will be late morning or early afternoon unless I can get ahead with this time off and start doing them the night before.  Yeah right LOL.  Like you I am trying to cut costs - 

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Featured new is:  McCall's 5097 Vibrant "Peasant" Dress 2006 and I swear if was a 12 to 14 I'd keep it and make it.  I never know what will fit across the bosom unfortunately.

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Jodes said...

By taking advantage of a service already available to you, you're also doing your bit for the environment by not using even more gas to drive to the post office. And you have more time to do listings :D win-win!