Monday, April 11, 2011

Butterick 2524 Haute Couture Box Jacket, Overblouse & Skirt / ca. 1963

Featured vintage pattern is one I had a while back and was pleased to find another:  Butterick 2524 Haute Couture Box Jacket, Overblouse & Skirt / ca. 1963
Had to do quite a bit of work to clean it up to post.  It was very "foxed" - and didn't scan very well.  Sometimes I pass over patterns that look too icky but this was uncut!  Very svelte looking - everything has a slim lined style.

Thank you Nancy for a trip down memory lane talking about our pets.  Got down on all fours and dug thru old photo albums to find a few old pictures of my old mare (who passed away a few years ago at age 34) and a lovely palomino stallion we had for a few years.

Thought I'd share and yes that is me in 1978 and 1979 hee hee.  Totally Brady Bunch bubble head permanent hair.  Sometimes a walk down memory lane is more like a nightmare of fashion.

My mare was 6 or 7 in these pictures and me well I was pushing 30.  I had Robin since she was born in 1972.  Hand raised her which was so fun but alot of hard work as you can imagine.  She was very personable and loved people.  She could care less about other horses or animals she thought she was human.  Never mean or cranky just a stubborn streak but still sweet.  The perfect horse who even if she was uncertain would listen to me and trust me.  Okay I sure miss that time of my life.

The stallion was a well known (at that time) Palomino - Quarter horse stud that we had always admired and when the chance came we snatched him up.  We intended to breed him with my mare but two horses were too much work and so we gave him up to another fan of his after about 2 years.  Working full time, being married and having two horses to ride and exercise and care for was over the top but it was still hard to give him up.  The most gentle and easy going horse I've ever had especially for a stallion.  I used to ride him with a hackamore not with a bit and even bareback he was so well behaved.  My mare was a handful and when friends would visit I'd let them ride him.  Wasn't he a beauty!

Featured new is:   Simplicity 5191 Sexy Shirtdress, or Tunic & Pants 2004 - the reason I say "Sexy" is because the blond on the cover sure looks like Paris Hilton and makes that rather nice shirtdress a true hottie.  There is just something "neat" and tidy looking about these outfits.  I like them.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I have been visiting your blog and site for about a month or so and am happy to have found you. Thank you for making these vintage things available for us! Just found out my dh may lose his job in a month, so no more purchases for a while, as my part-time income will not suffice (and we have 6 children). I must try to stay away, lol! Your customer in Renton

nancyc20 said...

My hair looks sort of like that now!!! It has a mind of its own...naturally curly...a permanent permanent. Sigh.

Paris Hilton could wear a sack and look hot in it. Do you remember the gunny sack episode of I Love Lucy? A designer convinced Ethel and Lucy that the gunny sacks they wore were the height of fashion. Hilarious. One of the episodes of Project Runway had the designers make dresses from gunny sacks and some were FABULOUS!!!!

I would NOT look like Paris Hilton in that dress. Much better in the gunny sack.