Friday, April 1, 2011

Vogue 7688 Best Dressed Evening Dress in Two Lengths 1970's

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Vogue 7688 Best Dressed Evening Dress in Two Lengths 1970's a catalog order.  It comes with the original catalog page with all the pertinent info.  It's an oversized page and was tough to try and get in a listing so I had to chop the picture in half and put the other picture in separately.  The second and right half of this picture is included here!  The black and white checked is my favorite!  Maybe what attracts me is the tire on her head. 
One of my international customers used a word I had never heard before "clowndoctor" - when I asked her WTH she told me that is a term for doctors that administer to children to help them get thru devastating illnesses.  Wow - Truly these doctors are to be blessed.  Here is the web site about what they do:  CLOWNDOCTORS

Featured new today is:  Butterick 4794 Disarming Dress with Variations 2006 not the most beautiful I've seen but so charming.  The variations available with these newer patterns are an extra added touch that I like.  New patterns aren't always as charming as vintage ones but when you can mix and match details the sewer can make their own personal touches.

Have a lovely weekend!

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