Tuesday, April 26, 2011

McCall's 3807 College Gal's Skirts with Matching Sweater Trims 1956 and McCall's 9774 Perfect Skirt for the Retro Diva 1954

Two great vintage skirts competing for featured pattern today.  Couldn't decide to both are here for you to drool over:

 I've been wracking my brains to figure out how to find the time to do the things I need with the business, i.e., finish importing and filling in all the Quickbooks stuff and also cleaning out the older patterns on my site and figuring out if I am to keep them and "relist" or throw away.  That takes alot of research and just plain time and deciding.  Soooo I will be taking some "vacation" time Friday thru the following Wednesday.  All buyers other than you readers will get 15% off but you will have 20% off.  I will post on Thursday the coupon code for you readers! 
Featured new is one more of the catalog patterns from Joni: Vogue 9910 Luncheon or Dinner Dress 1980's - this look is just so so classy!

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