Monday, April 18, 2011

Simplicity 1158 Enchanting Full Skirted Dress / ca. 1955


Another awesome batch of catalog patterns arrived here from Joni.  Just glanced at them but they are great - I find it odd that most of the patterns that are "catalog" I rarely find them on the internet.  Have to wonder if they were sold mostly thru the manufacturer and not sent to the stores.  Does anyone know?  I find this is as true for Vogue as Simplicity.

Featured new is:  Simplicity 8762 Irresistible Summer Dress & Overskirt 1999 - there's something about overskirts that are so attractive and feminine.  The bodice shaping is so pretty - almost a "bustier" look about it though it isn't at all "sexy" like a bustier usually is supposed to be.  Wholesome is the word I was looking for!

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