Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vogue 1865 Dress with Dishy Bodice Variations 1980's

Sorry to miss a few days - since my husband went back to work and business has grown so much I am doing it all by myself - whine whine whine.  After scanning and researching and listing and packing up packages, emailing customers I've been collapsing in a heap on the floor.  Have you ever read Eloise?  She was one of my childhood heroes along with Nancy Drew.  I scanned Eloise to show you how I look at the end of morning listing.

If you haven't read the Eloise books and you have little girls please buy them!  Your daughter will love them.  I still have my original Eloise book and it is beat up so badly from me dragging it around and reading it over and over.

Won't forget the Friday Sale this week.  Pinned a note to my pillow!  If you buy any one pattern from the months of July - August - September get 25% OFF all of your order!  Use coupon code OLDIES during checkout after midnight tonite until midnight Friday.  I am trying to clean out those months to make room for new stuff.  Often the older listings get forgotten and truthfully if I don't delete them I relist them if they are super nice and are 8 or 9 months old.  Here are the links for those months and there are some treasures in them.  JULY 2010 and AUGUST 2010 and SEPTEMBER 2010

Not super vintage but couldn't pass up one of the Catalog Vogue patterns that Joni sold me:  Vogue 1865 Dress with Dishy Bodice Variations 1980's and if you still have a summer dress that you need one of these should fit the bill.  The "wrap" halter is nice but I favor the tank top one.  I'd better get to lifting those weights to firm up the flabby arms that seem to have appeared overnight.  I swear I woke up the other morning and when I got up my underarms stayed on the bed.

Featured  new is: Simplicity 9122 Lovely "Slip" Dress & Jacket 2000 for day or evening.  Feel a little cool - slip on the jacket.

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