Friday, June 15, 2012

McCall's 9740 Romantic Candlelight Dinner Dress 1954

Happy Friday to you all!  Summer is here and I hope you are enjoying the warm weather after a pretty awful winter that many of you went thru.

Featured pattern today makes my eyes bug out:  McCall's 9740 Romantic Candlelight Dinner Dress 1954 

Sweet bodice with scoopy neckline - that pinch waist and then a full skirt.  Sigh .... when I researched this pattern I couldn't find another one anywhere.

A "shout out" to Allyn for her Facebook posting of the CSA boxes she gets.  I thought WTH?  Went online and now am hooked.  There seem to be alot of "local" harvest or farmer's market websites where you can go and find a location near you.  I've got a few to pick from here in Yuma and if you are interested here is one of the websites:

Local Harvest / Farmer's Market Site

 There is everything from honey to chocolates to soaps and more.  Click on the "shop" button and be amazed.  I am about to order some Lavender Honey which is so tasty with a fruit salad.  If you haven't had lavender honey give it a shot.  Great with tea also.

Another rare beauty is this Advance 4826 Flirty Starlet Dress & Bolero / ca. 1948 and yes it's hard to find too because I googled it just today.  What's funny is that I had two of this one already a few years ago.  This pattern came out circa 1948 and had a couple of different color covers.  You can see the other pattern covers at the Vintage Pattern Wikia

Another one I get off and on is pretty popular as it always goes out of stock quickly:   Simplicity 2196 Purrrrfect Pencil Skirt / ca. 1957

Nothing like 1950's Skirts - my favorite era for skirts.  Sadly my era for skirts was the 60's and having never been into mini skirts or peasant skirts it was a lost decade.  Okay just kidding!

For upper class fashions this Simplicity 2852 One of a Kind Dress & Coat / ca. 1959  just reeks class.

Simplicity Slenderette Patterns have such slenderizing styles!  Doh - that's why they call them "slenderettes" ...

Some great Vogue patterns put in today - unique styes on three of them that really jazzed me.  The Vogue 7616 Lean Dress, Top & Skirt 2002  as well as the Vogue 8285 Straight Pullover Dress, Top & Skirt 1992 and last but not least this very rare Vogue 9268 Adorable Eye Candy Dress 1995 



Jen said...

We bought a CSA share for the first time this year and I can't wait to see what our box will bring when we get our first one this coming Thursday. Everyone I talk to says it's definitely worth the money for the quality of produce, and of course you support local farmers so that's a plus.

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Okay I am gonna do it! Thanks for the great info -