Thursday, June 7, 2012

McCall's 9621 Trendsetting Mod Dress with Offset Buttons 1969

Sorry to miss the last few days - we had company for 4 days and I got so behind in my listings something had to give.  Caught up at last!

I received a huge box of patterns I had purchased "sight unseen" and oh my gosh some beauties from the late 60's to early 70's.  I put a few in today and this is my favorite:  McCall's 9621 Trendsetting Mod Dress with Offset Buttons 1969 a pretty rare pattern.  I can see why - anyone who had this made it.  This pattern is uncut too.

This one is so very versatile too - can be casual or cocktail hour.  It can be plain or fancy and when glitzed up it is striking:  Simplicity 8482 Headturning Mod Dress & Belt 1969 

Drop back a decade to the 1950's and this
Butterick 7328 Appealing Capelet Yoke Blouse 1955 with it's little capped or puffed sleeves is so dainty.

Now let's jump forward two decades to the 70's and gawk at this amazing pattern:  Butterick 3104 Festive Off Shoulder Gypsy Dress 1970's with such a free-spirited air about it.

Quite a few 80's and 90's that I had to put in today too.  The 1980's and 1990's patterns that are unused are getting a bit scarce for some of the styles that were very popular.  Most people seem to use them and throw them away too.

McCall's 4108 Garden Party Dress 1999 is a scarce pattern that has a unique flair and pretty collar too.  For some reason I see a sunny day at the races - like the Kentucky Derby and just add a stylish hat to this dress and voila!  Off to the races.

At first glance this dress doesn't look special but take a closer look:  McCall's 9518 Heavenly Dress of Many Fabrics 1998.  Lovely lines and then the choice of fabrics will be so fun.

I've heard of the Vintage Pattern Lending Library but had never seen one of their patterns before.  I realize that this are acknowledged to be reproductions but they are actual patterns just like all the other patterns.  If you can't find the real thing this is second best: Vintage Pattern Lending Library 5941 / Roaring 20's Flapper Evening Gown 2000's
Well summer and hot weather are here but if you want to be prepared for next fall and winter:  Vogue 7902 Bold & Beautiful Swing Coat 1990  - swing coats are very popular!

 I've put in a few links for the days I missed as well as for everything put in today.  Have a great day!

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