Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Butterick 6720 Island Fantasy Pantskirt & Scarf Top 1970's

Oh summer is here and look what I just found! Butterick 6720 Island Fantasy Pantskirt & Scarf Top 1970's 
Someone buy this quick before I am tempted!

Found an interesting pattern that isn't one I have run across before.  It is a Jalie Sewing Pattern - a Canadian company.  As usual for out of US pattern makers the measurements are a bit of a hassle to figure out (it's probably just me) but some nice styles.

Yesterday a bit hectic - getting the remainder of the weekend mail out.  After some slow days oh my gosh some big orders made my head spin around - no complaints for sure just an excuse for not listing.  My first order of biz is scanning, editing patterns.  Then listing patterns which involve complete research on each and every one.  Then I go into my email, answer questions and write thank you's for orders.  Then I do the mail.  Pull patterns one order at a time (so I don't get lost - it has happened), delete them from pictures, put them into sold category, package up the order, do a thank you note, seal the envelope.  Once they are all packaged I go into Paypal and print labels.  For international orders I go into as Paypal doesn't allow first class international.  Then I do my blog.  Whew - makes me tired just thinking about it - grin.

One more vintage one:  Mail Order 9390 Figure Hugger Dress & Jacket / ca. 1960 a definite eye popper.  Vampish sixties' look.

Sadly it's a day by day situation with my old cat Pugsley.  It's weird for me to not have a cat live to be at least 19 - my brother and sister cats are 16 1/2 now.  My last cat was 19 and my first cat was 21 when I had to have them put down.  Pugsley has kidney failure and I thought for sure today was the day.  Not - he's a bit perkier.  Go figure - I'd already called the vet and gave her the head's up.  It's awful to think about taking an elderly kitty to the vet in a carrier.  What a stressful way to end their life.  My vet said to give him a benadryl and make him nice and sleepy before the trip.  If that doesn't work I'll make her give me a sedative for him.

More newer ones I like than the vintage ones today: 

How cute is this one!  Butterick 3077 Work or Play Dress, Top & Skirt 2001 a really fun and versatile look.  It's sizes 18 to 22.  Wish it had been in my size.

There's becoming a fine line between vintage and new.  The 1980's patterns are becoming more scarce and the 1990's are almost 20 years old!  Mentally I still think of the 1980's and newer as new.

Simplicity 9098 Soft Looking Dress & Jacket 1989 and the adjective "soft" just popped into my head.  It just looks comfortable.

Last one for today is:  Vogue 9495 Conservative "Safari" Dress 1996 just a neat looking style.  Neat as in "neat as a pin" -

The contrast collar adds a nice touch too - the little hip flap pockets are a must have.



nancyc20 said...

Da Plane! Da Plane! I see da plane!!

So sorry about Pugsley. They have our hearts, don't they. Sniff

Sheila / Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

Thanks sweetie! Just when I think he's on his last day he perks up. Stressful and like a roller coaster LOL