Monday, June 11, 2012

McCall's 5254 Scoop Neck Dress with Contrast "V" 1959

What an elegant style this dress is:  McCall's 5254 Scoop Neck Dress with Contrast "V" 1959 - this dress has a snap in dickey.  How fun to make several different dickeys to interchange depending on your mood or what color shoes you want to wear.  This dress has so many variables you can do with it.

Looking for the perfect retro skirt?  Butterick 5085 "Reed Sillhouetted One-Yard" Skirt / ca. 1949 very sleek looking too.  Tweed is one of the 3 fabrics suggested for this skirt and I agree that would be the best.  Tweed just so reminds me of a British countryside - Tweed Link

Neato pointy collar dress here:  Butterick 5529 Long on Charm "Mini" Shirt Dress / ca. 1969 - one of a number of 1960's Shirtdress Patterns but it's the best of the best.

Sleek  Simplicity 2234 Illustrious Overblouse & Blouse + Transfer / ca. 1947  That long fitted version is so yummy but if you have a tummy it's a bust LOL. 

Came across a Hollywood Pattern and that's always a treat.  There are a few pattern makers that I'm always on the lookout for and this brand is one of them.  Hollywood 1641 Big Shouldered "Joan Crawford" Dress / ca. 1945


Vogue 2235 Vivacious Low Waisted Dress / ca. 1969 just an amazing long dress - or short but the long would be a super "hostess" dress.

For newer patterns this is my favorite for today:

Simplicity 8363 Down Home Overalls & Top 1993 and what a tempting one this is for me.  That short overall/jumper version with a cute pink t-shirt calls out to me.

Here's a t-shirt pattern to consider for these overalls! 
Burda 8217 Sharp as a Tack T-Shirt / 2000's a pretty jiggy shirt for sure.

Another summer dress - can there be too many in your closet?  I think not.   Butterick 4704 Cheeky Dress for Work or Play 2006 and skip the one with sleeves it's the strapless one that rocks.

A few more for your consideration too:  McCall's 6997 Festive Dress, Jumpsuit & Romper 1994  and McCall's 5312 Mr. Green Jeans Unisex Overalls 1991 another one that I had some time ago and flew out of stock.

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