Monday, June 18, 2012

Simplicity 4707 April in Paris Dress / ca. 1954

Featured pattern today:  Simplicity 4707 April in Paris Dress / ca. 1954 which I almost titled Summertme in Paris but it didn't have the same ring to it. 

Snug fitting bodice with little bows at shoulder and that huge skirt - A fancy American Grafitti dress.

In the next week I will be putting in some 70's patterns that have been cut but are complete.  Don't be horrified when I say I mostly throw them away.  Too many pantsuit or plain dress patterns that are uncut from the 70's to bother with putting used ones in.  Next decade I may live to regret that (grin) -

However the ones I recently came across are in very nice condition, scarce and lovely to look at too.  Plus they are all very reasonably priced since they are pre-used.  If these were unused they would be listed much higher because they have very desirable looks.  So hop over in the next few days.

Simplicity 5534 Winning One-Piece Dress 1964 a sweet sleeveless sheath look with a ruffled bottom.  Truly winning.

Here's a "Lucy" looking dress that I have had before so if you missed it last year here's another chance:   Marian Martin 9389 Lovely Lady Dress 1950's - that fashionable "tent" style that can be reined in with a belt - or not!
In the mood for a "Jackie" styled suit?  Hopefully this is in your size:   McCall's 8151 Highbrow Jacket, Blouse & Skirt 1965 with that so very slim skirt that no shapely woman can wear who has any kind of backside or hips.   

The last vintage I'm putting in right now is one I have also had before and it jetted off to a new owner so quickly.  I was happy to find another!  
Butterick 9131 Splendid Span Collared Dress / ca. 1960  the wide skirted dress is so "down home" housewife but the slim one says "career gal" -
Before I forget I wanted to mention I made some awesome pickled eggs (with hot pepper & onion) about 5 weeks ago.  Had to let them "marinate" for at least 4 weeks so we of course couldn't wait any longer than 4 weeks - started munching on day 30.  Oh my gosh what a culinary delight.  HOT yet delicious.

For newer looks:  Simplicity 8849 Cute as Can Be Overalls & Top 1994 - maybe not the height of fashion but I'm a fan of overalls.  Add a few embellishments or a super cute and bright shirt or blouse and this style has so much charm.
This pattern is hard for me to look at this time of year - oh my gosh it's a coat - argghhhhh!  It's 111 degrees right now and still going up.  Well okay just kidding:   There's something about a coat or jacket that has a "faux" fur collar or trim.  It adds an elegant touch.
A number of Kathy Lee patterns put in the last few days (thank you Joni!) that are very attractive and a bit "old fashioned" looking too. Simplicity 9425 Beguiling Two-Piece Dress 1995-  if you like this one here's a link to the others:  Kathy Lee Patterns

Last for today is another Vogue :  Vogue 1441 Decorous Shirtwaist Dress 1994 with a "hidden" button flap in the front.  Just plain loverly!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!
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