Thursday, June 14, 2012

McCall 7810 Pencil Skirt with "Double Breasted" Button Trim 1949

For the skirt lovers this is a lovely one:  McCall 7810 Pencil Skirt with "Double Breasted" Button Trim 1949 and though not a true pencil skirt it's close enough for me - 

Do you have those days where you start feeling a bit sorry for yourself?  Well of course it's normal!  Whenever I start to whine I send myself to some websites that I read regularly.  No one can feel sorry for themselves when they read Ninie's Dialogues and get to know the Nielsons and their story and how beautiful and strong they both are:

I saw them interviewed the other day and it's always inspiring and amazing to hear them talk about the accident and how they coped and thrived with all the adversity in the world thrown at them.

American Weekly 3781 Perky Dress with V-Back 1940's is the next one to show you.  Delicate square neckline in front ending in a V in the back.  Smart!

This would look lovely in gingham - maybe a dotted swiss.

Love the sixties?  Simplicity 8060 Mod Model's Dress with Detachable Collars 1968 just the height of fashion.

There are more of the newer patterns that I liked today than the older ones.   Butterick 3427 Heaven on Earth "Twenties" Dress 1994 - just a beauty!  An awesome special occasion dress - super feminine.

 Nothing says casual more than a "muumuu" - McCall's 9618 Breezy Easy Sundress - Neckline Variations 1985



Many more today more than I can put in - enjoy!


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