Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simplicity 8423 Ladylike Dress & Scarf / ca. 1955

Forgive my typos today if any LOL - accidently stabbed my left pointing finger in the tip with a sharp pair of scissors.  I should not be allowed to use sharp objects.  Have to decide whether a bandaid or blood on the keys.  Opted for a bandaid.

Super busy day yesterday getting all the mail ready to go - over 20 orders.  Nothing "new" truly listed as I just switched some oldies from almost a year ago to the front.  It's amazing how often the "relists" sell quickly once up front.  With so many patterns to go thru sometimes the later months don't get looked at and many times some real beauties are overlooked - so I put them in again if they are good and delete if they are mediocre.

But not today!  Numerous new ones.  For quite a while I have had several very old (early 1950's) uncut patterns from Simplicity with no envelope.  It's so hard to really see a style without a cover so a few times a month I will do a Google search and finally I found one of them and today it's my favorite:  Simplicity 8423 Ladylike Dress & Scarf / ca. 1955 with everything you need to make up this glorious dress.  I always put in a copy of the front and back so you can have all the info you need.  This is the type of dress that would be plain without a few embellishments - but they sure do spiff up this dress!

A recent find is another summer treasure - Simplicity 2478 Precious Sun Dress & House Dress / ca. 1948 which made me happy to find uncut. 

Definitely like the scallop edged one best. 

More fun in the sun "mod" clothes:  Simplicity 5029 Kittenish Dress, Top & Hip Hugger Pants or Short Shorts 1972 - "who likes short shorts?  We like short shorts"

Remember that song?  Oh my I do.  Youtube rocks - there isn't anything you can't find on the internet, Wikipedia or Youtube.

My pal Joni sent me a bunch of Vogue patterns without envelopes and I've been happily researching and finding pictures.  A few of them are posted here as featured newer patterns:

Vogue 2063 Fashion Diva Dress with Pretty Flared Skirt 1988 a style with lots of flair!  Copy of front and back also included.  Nice big pleats on that skirt.
Since my next listing is from YSL here's a link to the YSL website which is mindblowing to go thru:  Yves Saint Laurent
Vogue 2163 International Film Star Cape & Pants 1988 from designer Yves Saint Laurent.   The whole style looks so very bohemian.  

This Vogue is an Issey Miyake who seems to be very sought after lately.  Every pattern of his seems to be scarce or rare.   This does have the original envelope.
He is very cutting edge and it was fun looking thru some of his fashions:  Issey Miyake Images
The last featured new today is: Vogue 8179 Tip Top Dress & Jacket 2006  in sizes 14 to 20.   It's nice to find some bigger sizes that are so stylish.

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