Friday, June 8, 2012

Butterick 9551 Homemaker or Hostess Culotte Dress / ca. 1960

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Decided to have another sale even though I had one over Memorial Weekend.  So many people were away and not online and I had some disappointed customers.  I promised them another sale.

Cute as can be Butterick 9551 Homemaker or Hostess Culotte Dress / ca. 1960.  Can be worn to a PTA meeting or made into a Sixties' hostess dress.  Those big wide "palazzo" pants ring my bell.

Sadly just heard that the horse I'll Have Another slated to run tomorrow in the Belmont Stakes was pulled due to swelling (aka tendonitis) in his leg.  Disappointing but kudos to the owner for doing what is right for the horse.  I was so looking forward to watching the race - dang.

This next vintage pattern is extremely rare and makes me think of that famous mod designer Mary Quant.  It's not her pattern though she did put some out.  Butterick 4647 "Mary Quant" Day / Night Dress / ca. 1968 - this pattern came very discolored - probably was in a garage for years.  It's uncut and ready to use - just a sad looking envelope - grin.

I Googled Mary Quant and found that she is still designing.  Her website is a pain in the behind to navigate and I gave up but if you are patient you can check it out.  Mary Quant Website

I also Googled just for images and wow some awesome clothes pictures came up for the 60's:  Mary Quant Fashion Images

Some fun new ones to put in.  They were part of that big box that I told you about a day or so ago.  Buckaroo Bobbins - Ladies' Outing Jacket With Leg-O-Mutton Sleeves & Vest 2000's - I actually had this one earlier this year and it flew out of stock.

There were a number of "costume" patterns that I will put in next week.  It is very popular to go to western or period events (i.e. like the Renaissance Faire) and people are always looking for outfits to wear. 

Another fun one that is from the Revolutionary War era:  Missouri River Patterns 4799 Riflemans' Hunting Frock 1983- read the back of the costume (extra picture) it has some neat info on it.

Another summer dress that will rock your boat!  Vogue 9863 Yummy Dress with Cut in Shoulders 1987 and it has a choice of skirts.

The Simplicity Begotten line of patterns have become quite sought after.  Or maybe I just recently discovered them - hmmmm.  Every one I have found has virtually shot out of stock.  Simplicity 8983 Wenchy Dress with Lace Up Bodice 1999 - if you are adventurous this dress is for you.

In the something for everybody category this shirt is outstanding: 
Sewing Workshop Collection - Eye Catching Mizono Shirt 1990's  and I had never heard of a Mizono shirt before.
I know this one is rather "plain" but still it really has me going back and looking again.  Something about it just strikes me:   Butterick 6258 Cute as Can Be Jumper 1999

That's it for today - I had some other very nice Vogues that I put in today but have to run to town to do some errands (also picking up my new eyeglasses yay).  Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday.

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