Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advance 3463 Drawstring Neckline Dress and Jacket 1964

Advance 3463 Drawstring Neckline Dress and Jacket 1964 which has some lovely "tucking?" around neckline and waistline.  Looks very classy.

ALSO!  Tune in tomorrow morning for the early coupon code for 15% off sale which goes until Sunday nite.  The regular sale for everyone starts Friday morning so you get a day's jump.  Make out your list and check it twice.

Do you have a special Christmas Eve dinner that you make every year?  Please share - I enjoy hearing about family traditions.  We make oyster stew with no low fat milk for us.  Full cream with oysters, a dash of Tabasco, lots of pepper and ... hmmm don't have the recipe in front of me.  Served with oyster crackers and French bread.  Looking forward to that and then off for the special Christmas Service at church.  Lovely Christmas music sing along.  Hope it's loud enough no one can hear my off tune warbily singing.

Featured New:   Simplicity 9101 Princess Seamed Dress 1994 with short dress catching my eye - oh and the ruffled collar too.  So young looking.

Couldn't resist putting in another great skirt listed today!  McCall's 3410 Delicious Skirt with Peaky Pockets 1955 one of several I recently acquired.  Love those 1950's Retro Skirts.

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