Monday, December 13, 2010

Anne Adams 4619 Sassy Shift Dress / 1970's

Anne Adams 4619 Sassy Shift Dress / 1970's - sleeveless, short & sweet!
Featured New:  Burda 8090 Festive Skirt - Below Waist 2000's that sits low on the waist which according to "What Not to Wear" is a very flattering style if your midriff needs some work.  Raised hand here.

Can't resist putting in another "new" pattern that really caught my eye.  No gift ideas from today on as we are just too close to Christmas to guarantee arrival - sorry!

This top - is it too glitzy to combine with this Burda Skirt? - makes me think of a New Year's Eve party

Had quite a few really unique and rare patterns listed today so be sure and look at all listed!

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