Thursday, December 16, 2010

McCall's 9312 Wasp Waisted Blouse - Loop Neck Tie 1953 / great tight waist styling.  Anyone know what that feature is called?  Unfortunately McCall's on the older patterns doesn't give a "description" - dang.

Yes tomorrow will be a sale!  Buy any one 2000's pattern and get 20% off your entire order.  The coupon code will be NEWER.  This time I won't forget to put the code in - have a note pinned to my pillow!  Really.

Featured new is:  McCall's 6584 Swing Styled Dress & Shorts 1993 which looks so very Fortyish.  View A the red one is my fav.

Can't resist putting this little summer pattern in if you want to get ready early:  Style 2096 Dishy Little Tops & Shorts 1991

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