Friday, December 31, 2010

Mail Order 4764 Jazzy Dress with Big Cape Collar 1970's

This is the last post of 2010.  It went so fast ... May you all have a wonderful 2011 and I look forward to bringing you lots of fun new and old patterns.

Mail Order 4764 Jazzy Dress with Big Cape Collar 1970's and I like the front zipper opening and that big notched collar.  Love cape collar patterns?  I do!  This is one of several nice mail order patterns I received from a nice lady the other day.  It's always hard to "buy blind" and I hold my breath when I buy lots without knowing anything about what is in it.  A few nice surprises with this lot!
A while back Erin at Dressaday featured the cover of the catalog of J. Peterman & Company and the catalog was so pretty I signed up for it.  Of course I can't afford so much as a hankie from them - grin - but it is my "wish book" when I settle down in a bubble bath with a glass of wine.  It's a free catalog and well ... they do have sales!  I swear their graphics are pretty enough to frame so if you love catalogs and wish books check them out. 

Featured new is not a fashion but a home decor pattern that I found so appealing.  Butterick 6800 Fall Table Top with Leaf Appliques 2001 and not sure I'd bother with the leaf appliques.  The chair pads got my mind clicking up fabric types in my brain.


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