Friday, December 10, 2010

COUPON ACTIVATED SORRY!  Feel like I have walking pneumonia and my head blew off last night and I was in bed at 7 p.m. without putting in the code.  So sale will go thru all of Saturday too with 20% off.  Use coupon code NINETIES at checkout and buy any 1990's pattern and voila 20% off!

Simplicity 8644 Spritely Mod Dress & Jacket 1969 pretty empire waistline & rick rack trim.
How long can a human exist with a head - chest cold this bad before they die?  Sigh - hope that you can avoid this nightmare of a cold.  Wear a mask, gloves and carry disinfectant spray and hit anyone that comes near you - hee hee.
Featured new is a bit of an expensive oddball:  Butterick 6699 Enchanting Tulip Skirt 2000 a rare and hard to find Retro Butterick.  No idea why it's hard to find but it's easy to see why it's sought after.  What an awesome skirt!

Dug around in the garage yesterday and found two big storage bins with kid's patterns both clothes and costumes.  So I listed a bunch of the clothes patterns today and will do more next week.  Some pretty unique outfits for kids!
Gift idea and this will be the last gift idea because by Monday it will basically be too late so get movin'!  Simplicity 4436 Toddlers' Cold Day Pants, Capelet & Knit Top 2005

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