Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simplicity 6579 Broadway Nights Asymmetrical Coat 1984

Oh not exactly a vintage but check this out!  Simplicity 6579 Broadway Nights Asymmetrical Coat 1984 the most awesome coat ever.

 I have a vintage Betty Rose black wrap coat with a huge shawl collar - ankle length and just the warmest most lovely coat.  This pattern reminds me of it just a little.  I've tried to find out more about this line of clothes - mostly coats - but though there are quite a few selling no real info.

Thank you Sylvia for all the great patterns you've sent me!  My favorite thing to do when listing is doing the research and then finding a rare treasure!  This "New" featured pattern is one such rare treasure:

Simplicity 7612 High Octane Halter Dress 1991 - truly high octane explosive!  It's a "Climax for David Howard" pattern.  Huh.  Well never mind - just focus in on that 60's peace symbol on the back!

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