Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vogue 7504 Breathtaking Coat-Dress 1951 a very rare beauty indeed.  Unique "tulip" styled neckline in view B is classic.  It is truly amazing to me how these fragile items ever survive this long.  Makes me want to cry when I think of all the ones that are just thrown away when houses are cleaned out when people die.

Featured new is Vogue 2798 Down on the Farm Overalls 1991 shouts casual and cute all at once.  I always visualize cruising a big old swap meet filled with junk wearing something like this.  Driver's license and cash in my pockets and nothing else to keep my hands free!

Gift idea is a Mommy who cooks idea:  Butterick 5579 Five Retro Butterick '55 Aprons 2010 with a perky tie around the waist style as well as a bibbed halter one.

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