Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Advance 1460 Flirty Thirties Panties 1930's one of a number of 30's and 40's lingerie patterns I have found lately.  No one really thinks you can wear these without some kind of panty line showing - eh!  I more picture them as part of a silky pajama set.  
A delicious sailor collar dress is listed and sadly no envelope but there is a picture of the front so you can see how it looks.  But!  While researching found a mention of this pattern along with the greatest picture of Jayne Mansfield - what a eye popper.  It's hard to picture this dress on her until you actually see it then wow.  McCall's 4395 Jayne Mansfield Sailor Collar Dress / ca. 1956.

When looking for a cooler haircut for this hot summer I found Style Tips 101 that has everything from clothes to hairstyles and skin care.  Found a neat trick of poofing up a flat head of hair by spraying your hair upside down at the back instead of top down.  Then it stays poofy.  Voila.  Going to try their strawberry yogurt face mask tonite!
Featured new pattern is Style 2571 Knockout Wrap Blouse & Skirt 1995 and is quite sultry IMO.  Nice combo of wrap tops and that skirt is so graceful. 

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