Saturday, July 24, 2010

What an eyeful this is!  McCall's 1903 Fantabulous "Lucy" Pinafore Apron 1954.  I researched the bat snot out of it and could not find one other anywhere on the internet.  It back fastens with buttons or snaps.  With a little adjustment could be made into a dress too.

Look for a newsletter and a sale next week.  Of course I will start the sale one day early for you ladies!  I will post Thursday morning with the coupon code and then officially start it on Friday morning.  We will be scanning like maniacs this week to get in a long weekend with lots of river time.

Run into alot of patterns with names on them.  Often the older ones have fun names that you don't hear that often - i.e. Verna etc.  Puts a picture in my mind of the previous owner.  Had an idea to start putting them in with the name in the title description. Butterick 9336 "Marie's" Wonderful Wartime Fitted Coat / ca. 1940 which I listed earlier this week.  So Marie - wherever you are - here is your old pattern!

New pattern for today is Simplicity 6377 Summer Slip Dress, Tunic, Top & Skirt 1990's keeping in that summer mode. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I was wondering on the dresses from the 40's-50's that have the skirt that looks "poofy," what kind of slip they wore or was it just the pattern?

Out of the Ashes Collectibles said...

I imagine they used a rather stiffy starchy slip - probably that fabric that would be used for tutu's. If you're looking for something like that check out the local thrift stores!