Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lovely day at the river - even though it got me behind in my listings and bloggings.  Our friends Tom and Maria had yesterday off so of course we couldn't resist!  Here are two pics of our great day!  We pulled the boats up onto the sand (our boat is off to the right).  We set up our EZ-Up shade, set our chairs in the water and swam and ate.  Got up to 115 degrees but who cares when you are wet and cool.  Before packing up Maria and I put our life vests on and proceeded to float down the river for a few miles before Tom and Harry brought the boats to pick us up.  It was wonderful!  Oh until they drove the boats wildly around us swamping us with waves.  Funny guys!
My friend Maria is on the right.  That's me in the funny hat and Maria's husband Tom.  Top pic has Maria, Tom and my husband Harry.  Dang no wonder clothes are a hassle for me - I feel like I am busting out of that stupid bathing suit.
We are so blessed to live here in this lovely state.
Okay now on to work -  Prominent Designer A546 Sensational Dress & Overblouse 1970's one of those lucky finds.  Got two in different sizes yay.   Don't you just love that low waist and pleated bottom.  Sharp. No new one today as I am behind and need to get some scannings done for tomorrow.

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