Sunday, July 25, 2010

Got this blog in Sunday nite - heading out with some friends to the river early Monday and don't want to miss you seeing what's in!
Perfect beach or pool party - Pauloa Patterns 1009 Island Paradise Front Wrap Cover-Up 1970's.  Don't let summer slip away without this one.

Spent a bit of time this weekend sorting thru some very old fashion women's magazines from 1905 thru 1930's.  Only about 1/3 thru the stack.  A number were totally trashed but so many lovely pictures of fashions and both fun and beautiful advertisements.  The trashed magazines I cut up into little items of interest to send out with orders as a treat.  There were some actual patterns that I will list and then the complete magazines I'll put into the fashion magazines listings.  I would say it's a walk down memory lane but I'm not that old and it is still so amazing how fashion changes and then changes back.
Newish featured is Simplicity 7791 Sweet or Sexy Dress - Neckline & Skirt Variations 1992 with so many variables it's hard to decide which view is the prettiest.

A very unique and super rare item is listed that kind of creeped me out.  Thelma Jennewein No. 2020 Black Sambo & The Tiger 2-Headed Doll 1975 that is truly one of a kind.  It is referenced only once on the internet and no other copies available.  Check it out and also the link which is very interesting.  I know that "Sambo" has come to be a racial slur but in reality Sambo was from India and it's sad it has been distorted.  Truly a collectible.

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