Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anne Adams 4097 Magnifique' Dress & Bolero 1940's perfect for a warm summer evening.  I like the visual of her devoted husband buttoning her into this dress.  Sigh.  How could this dress not bring the romantic out in just about everyone?

Having some heartbreaking moments with a stray momma kitty with feral kittens living somewhere in the neighborhood.  Momma has been a pet and is craving attention but the 4 kitties are totally wild.  Momma is skin and bones and obviously not in good health but so sweet.  Of course out go the bowls of food and milk and water.  I called the only animal control in our area -  the "so-called" Human Society.  Here's the catch.  If I bring momma kitty in (I can pick her up) and trap the kittens they CHARGE $20 for each female and $10 for each male.  Huh?  So the cheapest fee for me is $60 if all the kittens are male.  Not in my budget unfortunately.  So much for Humane.  Feral cats are a huge problem everywhere but we have been lucky in our area until now.  What to do?  Any suggestions?  I have two very old cats and there's no way I can introduce a new cat that is sick and vet bills just not in my budget either.  I am so mad and frustrated!

New pattern pick is McCall's 7197 Swing Type Dress or Jumper 1994 a cute little tented number.  Don't stand over an air vent.

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