Monday, July 12, 2010

Mail Order 9449 Wonderful Offset Closure Dress 1960's which has a front zipper closure.  Interesting!  Great wrap affect.  I suppose you could substitute buttons or frog closures if you didn't want the zipper.
Featured "new" is Burda 4772 Edgy Asymmetrical Jumpsuit 1990's a fun summer look while summer is still here. Though cute can you picture having to hit a public ladies' room?  Being a one piece there would be some unique contortions to be made to prevent not only your body but your clothes from touching ANYTHING!  Ewwwww! 

If you ever try to pull something up or research on my site and a message comes up that the index is being rebuilt give it a good 5 minutes before trying again.  I have to do this about once a day in order for the search to accurately pull new things up.

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