Friday, July 2, 2010

Making a Dress At Home / Farmers' Bulletin 1944 a fun booklet for those of you who like sewing books or pamphlets.  Some great Farm Lady style dresses featured.

In case you don't check in on the weekend - because I rarely list on the weekend - I will be doing a listing tomorrow to make up for my days away.

Vintage Sewing Reference Library has so much sewing info I could spend days - and I will when I get the chance.  I found it when researching vintage sewing books.  A wealth of info.  Check it out.
Simplicity 7943 Bohemian Shirt-Dress or Long Shirt 1987 is my newish featured pattern.  A super casual laid back style.  And it's a Jiffy Pattern!  Simplicity Jiffy Patterns are often not just easy but stylish too.  Right up my alley - well the easy part is.
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