Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vogue 8347 Huggy Dress & Outstanding Jacket 1954 - okay the dress is nice but that wasp waist jacket with the darting is wicked!  Looks a bit militaristic to me but maybe it's just that I live in a military town - the Marine Corps Air Station is here in Yuma.  Speaking of which we are due to get the new jump jet (Harrier) soon we hope.  The next air show should be awesome - and noisier LOL.
The slightly newer featured pattern is a summer must.  McCall's 9095 Upscale Jacket & Sheath Dress 1984 which on the East coast is much needed.  It was 108 in Yuma yesterday and tomorrow due to be 110.  We just got a teasing call from some friends who are out at the Colorado River today begging us to pack up and head out.  Wish we could - sigh.  Favorite thing to do other than fishing is tubing:  Colorado River Tubing

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