Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Simplicity 7326 Kooky to Classy Beret Hats 1967 - I'm proclaiming this a Hat Day.  Couldn't decide which pattern to feature but since the second is a crochet pattern this came first.  I dare anyone to wear that wimple hat - hee hee.  My husband wouldn't walk next to me if I had that one.  Oh wait - since I only have shorts and flip flops in my wardrobe (it is AZ you know - land of 110+ temps) it would definitely clash.
"Ta Da" Second Hat Featured:  Workbasket 2-904 Vol. 9 No. 8 Crocheted Pillbox Hat / ca. 1944 and if you know how to crochet go for it!  Took me a while to track down the year on this one.  Finally found a website that has every single one listed and dated.  Whew!  This volume is so old it didn't even have the date on it.

Not a raving beauty or terribly unique or even hard to find this new featured pattern is so useful and right on for summer.  Making clothes isn't just for vintage clothing lovers it's finding the right pattern at the right time when you are in the right mood and I love this one!  A big gaudy fabric and voila no one will miss you in a crowd!  Simplicity 7116 Cute & Cool Dress or Jumper 1996

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