Friday, July 23, 2010

Mail Order 8330 Saucy "Janet Leigh" Shirtwaist Dress 1950's - for some reason Janet Leigh came to mind with this dress.  She had the figure to pull it off - remember Psycho?  Okay this is both sleeveless and short sleeved but who would make it with sleeves?  Insanity - oh wait - my arms aren't buff anymore so sleeved it is.

A big thank you to Domestic Divas for this link on not only making the most awesome ironing board cover but also finding this link that is an at home sewing tutorial site.  I am going to make this ironing board cover!  Jazzy Ironing Board Cover at

Lovely Marie gave me some wonderful tips to help me out with my kitty problem and I will be contacting a group here in Yuma that helps with feral cats.  Momma kitty wasn't here yesterday and I do worry.

New pattern is McCall's 4522 TNT Pants with Overskirt 2004 which I am considering making in a very light linen or gauze - that is if it doesn't sell right away - smile.  BTW I am determined to start a sewing class at Joanne's soon to brush up on my long lost skills.  I've got the bug now and some projects in mind.  Oh it's been so long and technology has changed LOL.

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