Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Advance 9209 Jo Lee's Boudoir & Breakfast Ensemble / ca. 1959 and I want to know what law says this has to be for breakfast or boudoir only?  That "dress" is just too adorable to keep in the house.  It's got to be seen!
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Got  one of my changes done today.  I want to make it easier for someone looking for a hat pattern to not get every single pattern that has a hat but just the patterns that are hats.  Now I'm confusing myself - hee hee.  Some patterns have a whole wardrobe and then a hat thrown in.  Most times they are generic hats so only patterns that feature almost exclusively hats are included.  Looking for vintage or newer Hat Patterns just click the link.  Purses - hangbags are the next project.

McCall's 6852 Warm Loose Fitting Robe 1993 with nice trim but nothing fancy.  Just a practical robe that we all love to wear.  It comes in all sizes too which is handy.

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