Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anne Adams 4790 Depression Era Dress 1940's which is so "Grapes of Wrath" for anyone who might have had money in those days.  I had to look very carefully at the bodice because I thought at first there was a bolero that went with it but nooooooo.  It's a cleverly stitched bodice that only looks like a bolero jacket to the near blind - that's me.  Just kidding.  It's the sleepyseeds that haven't been washed from my eyes - where's my coffee?
A big thanks to Nancy - you know who you are (grin) - for snatching up that special apron pattern that I was going to feature today until she bought it before I could blog.  She is so sneaky quick!

Since we are still in the summer mood this Simplicity 5956 Island Vacation Dress or Tops & Skirt 2002 makes me wish for a plane ticket to somewhere - anywhere - as long as there's a beach I can stroll on, or a mall I can walk around near a beach.

Getting an early start today (for me) and going hunting for some patterns today.  It's not like I don't have bins and bins in the garage but it's those special ones that might show up.  Wish me luck!

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